Why I Became a Professional Organizer

I have always been an organized person and liked systems to keep track of things and to keep them in their place.

As a young girl, I created my own library lending system, to track which friend borrowed my Saddle Club or Baby-Sitters Club books. Later, as a teen, I volunteered at the school library and fell in love with the order that the dewy decimal system brought. As an adult, I developed many hobbies and creative passions. I made sure to keep all my supplies in neatly labeled bins. I became passionate about DIY and self-reliance and kept anything that could be useful. I had dividers and drawers for every little thing.

My journey of exploring minimalism and my path of becoming a professional organizer.

I was like Ariel, singing away:

“Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?....I've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty….I've got whozits and whatzits galore….You want thingamabobs? I got 20...But who cares? No big deal…

Because it was organized.

I could always find whatever I needed, at any time.

It was organized, but most of it was clutter.

Organized clutter.

The mental and visual weight of all that stuff took a toll on my wellbeing, not to mention it made my house hard to clean. My home left me with a feeling of overwhelm and anxiety, which carried over into other aspects of my life.

All that physical stuff took a toll on me mentally. My house was always a disaster to clean, having to shuffle around containers and jars and boxes. My home left me with a feeling of overwhelm and anxiety, which carried over into other aspects of my life. I bounced from job to job, I felt I was always stressed and busy but not actually getting anything done, and I had no direction or goals.

Considering Minimalism

I had heard about the minimalist movement and liked the idea of living with less, but limiting my belongings to only a certain number of things or only the bare necessities was too harsh, too unreal for my lifestyle.

I couldn’t see giving up my books (I love to read and without wall to wall shelves, how else would people know that?), my stash of yarn (even though I rarely knit but I wanted to be a person who knits), my scrapbook stuff (even though I hadn’t scrapbooked in years but I wanted to be a person with exciting memories), my bag of reused gift bags (because I might need one, one day).

Falling in Love with KonMari

Then, a friend lent me the Marie Kondo book “The Life-changing method of Tidying Up” shortly after they were published in the US. While I wasn’t totally sold on all the practices that she used to get organized (tare the pages out of books?! Taking the time to fold socks?!), I was really drawn to the general idea. Instead of focusing on what to live without, her approach asks us to live only with things that spark joy.

I used her method to do some serious decluttering of my closet, my kitchen equipment, and craft supplies, and yes, even my bookshelves. And, I started to feel better.

Making Space for What Matters

That physical space that I made in my home created mental space as well. I felt less overwhelmed by my home, and it started to be a nourishing place- crucial for an introvert!

I started to realize that I had lots of my belonging supported who I wanted people to think I was, not who I actually was. I was so focused on collecting clutter that could serve me one day that I wasn’t able to see the right now.

These realizations motivated me to go through the decluttering process again, and really dig down deep into examining my belongings, my values, and determining what I wanted from life. And yes, I gave away even more books and started folding my socks.

Decluttering helped me realize that despite my strong identity of a California native, I was feeling a longing for seasons and to have a small farm, and was drawn to the beauty and slower pace of my husband's native New England, and we put moving plans into action. I also recognized that I had a deep unfulfilled need to help other women that my current work as a landscape designer wasn’t meeting.

My own story of embracing the luxury of living with less and becoming a professional organizer | Melissa Keyser,

Becoming a Professional Organizer

Motivated by the changes that getting my own home in order brought me, I decided to help other’s with a similar process. I started helping friends and family declutter and tidy up, and loved guiding them on what to keep and what to let go off.

I was nourished by seeing their relief from the weight of their stuff, and I started this Professional Organizing and Decluttering business so I dedicate my time helping others with that same transformation. I’m honored to be attending the KonMari certification program in Spring so I can better assist women in that process.

If you are looking for ways to eliminate overwhelm, or need a guide to get organized, I’d be honored to help you along your journey. Contact me and set up your free consultation.