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Virtual Organizing + Coaching

If you are located outside my service area, or are self-motivated but need a bit of accountability and guidance, then my virtual organizing + coaching sessions done via video calls are perfect for you!

Virtual Organizing

Session Includes:

  • 60-minute skype or facetime chat to discuss the details of your project or area of concern

  • A customized step-by-step plan with actionable items so you can meet your goals

  • A list of suggested products, if needed, to help with your organizing process

  • Followup accountability emails

  • Unlimited communication by email the month of your session, to answer any questions or provide support to keep you motivated!

Virtual Organizing + Coaching Investment


Achieve even more progress and transformation by investing in a package of support sessions.

After the initial session and DIY plan, each following month includes an additional 60-minute virtual chat, plus the ongoing support and accountability you’ve come to expect.


Initial Session: $175

Follow up Sessions:

3 months = $375
6 months = $675
12 months = $1,275

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Coaching + Virtual Support

After experiencing the life transformation that getting organized can bring, many of my clients are motivated to make changes in other areas of their home and life.

Coaching can be done separately or in conjunction with my organizing services.

Personalized and compassionate coaching for:

  • Waste reduction, toxic-free living + creating a sustainable home

  • Time management + meal planning

  • Determining what you truly value + goal setting

  • Mindfulness + self-care routines

  • Home + garden aesthetics and design

What my clients are saying:

Melissa is very straightforward, methodical, and easy to work with. She took the time to understand my concerns with my kitchen. I enjoyed how easy the process was and having a more efficient use of space!