What to Expect


Phone Chat

The first step is to set up a phone chat, so I can hear more about what your goals are and we can discuss how I can best help you. I’ll go over my services, answer any questions you might have, and then schedule a free in-home consultation.


Free Consultation

After our phone chat, we’ll continue the conversation in-person. I’ll hear more about what your goals are. Seeing the space gives me the opportunity to formulate a plan for how to best reach your goals, please don’t clean up or organize prior!

I’ll let you know what services and packages I think would be the best fit for you. Before scheduling an organizing session (the next step), I’ll take payment and have you sign my service agreement.


professional organizing process

Declutter, Sort, Organize

Now comes the fun! In each session, I will work side-by-side with you to declutter, sort, and organize your home.

You can expect friendly and empathetic guidance to determine which items to keep and what to let go. After decluttering, I’ll design an organizing system that is both functional, beautiful, and tailored for you and your home, and then sort and store your belongings. I’ll take care of any donation drop-offs, any shopping, or arrange other needed services between our sessions

Usually, this process happens over the course of several sessions.



Relax and Celebrate!

The hard work is over! Now is the time to sit back, enjoy the ease your organized space will bring, and have friends over to show off your tidy home!

Many clients are motivated to organize other areas of their home or simplify other aspects in their lives. If that’s you, I also offer ongoing coaching and support!

professional organizing process