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…you’re spending more time chasing down lost stuff than chasing your dreams.

…you’re moving around piles and stacks instead of making magic or moving mountains.

…you’re seeking simplicity but can’t find your way through the fog of fatigue or the shadow of overwhelm.

You’re in the right place.

I’m Melissa. I provide all-inclusive organizing, decluttering, KonMari Tidying Lessons (certification in progress!) to homes to Portland Maine and the Mid-Coast Region. Virtual organizing and coaching is available worldwide.

I believe that getting organized is more than just putting your belongings into pretty boxes (although, that can be part of it!)

It’s about making space in your home, and your life, for the things that matter most.

I’m here for overwhelmed folks, in all seasons of life, who desire real change.

When our home is chaotic and messy, so are our lives. That clutter holds us back, paralyzing us from realizing and taking action toward our dreams.

My own experiences have taught me that making physical space in my home created mental space for other things in my life- like starting this business, and realizing the dream of moving away from the crazy Bay Area of California for the beauty and slower pace of my husband’s native New England.

As well as providing all-inclusive home organizing, I am proud to be the only professional organizer in Maine utilizing the KonMari method (certification in progress!).

Whether you're wanting to embrace the luxury of less or just want to get out of the house each morning with ease, I can help you.

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Words from my Clients:

I was frustrated with my inability to keep everything where it belonged. Melissa encouraged me to let go of things that I am no longer using instead of just moving it around. I would totally use Melissa’s services again because she helped me actually stay on task and not get distracted.


Next Steps

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Kind Words:

I felt embarrassed by the amount of stuff I had but Melissa didn’t make me feel that way. She comes in without judgment, and if anything, she made me feel encouraged!


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I start my morning with: green tea, kitty cuddles, and a walk through the garden

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat would put me in: Ravenclaw

I always say yes to: good cheese and crusty sourdough bread

A random item that sparks joy: a gnarled, weathered branch that I found at 7,200’ elevation while hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. It sits on my bookshelf.

My super power is: empathy and always being able to pick the right sized storage container for leftovers.

I am also: a dog mom and an internationally published writer.